To-dos for the classic MacOS

MacTasks beta 2

Latest: Beta 2, August 6 2023.

This is the beta release of my "to do"-list application for the classic MacOS.

It's a fairly basic affair, you can add entries to the list, mark them as done, delete and edit them. You can also add section headlines (using the Entry menu), and collapse sections. Items can be dragged and dropped around the list and between sections. Dropping an item to a section headline should move it to the end of the section.

More features are planned and there are probably bugs. I wrote it to write it, not because it's really useful, but here it is. If you find a bug, have any ideas or just (dis)like it, please send me your unadultered thoughts via e-mail to, or catch me online under my aliases rvense or paws.

It is my first real application for old Macs, even though I've been using them since they were, well, new Macs. It is written in C++ using the lovely MacZoop framework (v. 2.5.2) by Graham Cox and Metrowerks Codewarrior Pro 5. I have written it during the spring and summer of 2023 becase I wanted to finally try my hand at coding something approximately real for this system that's been with me since I was 5. It has taken far longer than I expected and really given me a sense of how tedious, error prone, and extremely awesome programming for this weird little platform is.

MacTasks was developed and tested on a PowerMac G4 (400 MHz) running MacOS 9.2.2. It might run on PowerPC Macs all the way back to early releases of System 7, but unfortunately this is the only Mac I have set up at the moment. There is no 68k build right now, due to what I think is a bad Codewarrior installation. I hope to release one soon.

To keep with the the spirit of the old times, I have added a shareware nag screen. Due to my sloppy coding, you can bypass it by pressing the Register button twice. You can also e-mail me the registration fee of 1 e-mail, and I'll send you the code to remove the dialogue.

The first person to send me a working crack that removes the nag screen will get their name (or cool kracker alias) in the About box in all future versions. The protection scheme is about as simple as it can get, but I won't feel like a proper Mac programmer before my app's been cracked, and I'd be extremely honoured if someone wants to put in the time to do so.

Thanks again for your support and interest.

Niklas Nisbeth (aka rvense, aka paws) Lejre, Denmark, August 2023.

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